Friendly Toast For Sale

No, not just a slice of toast.  The entire business.  From

According to a listing on the Bean Group real estate Web site, $1.875 million is the asking price for a “package deal” for both Friendly Toast locations.

This concerns me, because I fear that new owners will hire new waitstaff and change the menu and make the place cleaner.  OR, they could try to “class it up”, and then Portsmouth could have another stuffy restaurant*.  If the restaurant closes or changes significantly, I’ll probably move.

Alternatively, I can try to raise $1.875 million.

*note:  Fiancee correctly predicted that Bella Sol would not last, as it was yet another restaurant with a generic (but likely tasty) offering of pasta dishes, along the lines of Cafe Med, Radici and others.  The Friendly Toast stands out as one of the truly unique eateries in the city.