On Brand Loyalty

I started writing this on the Twitter, but it’s too long.  Anyway.

If you’re a cycling-type company – bikes, clothing, components, etc – and you want to build brand loyalty, sponsor a collegiate cycling team.  Broke-ass kids who are just getting into the competitive part of the sport will remember this.  When they graduate, and they have real jobs, and they have real income, they might buy your $10,000 wunderbike.  Or they might spend their life continuously buying your products and remembering them fondly.

Cannondale, through Exeter Cycles, gave UNH a nice deal.  As a result, I’ve only owned one non-Cannondale racing bike in my life (5/6 were Cannondales).

Just sayin’, if there’s any decision makers reading this, look up your local collegiate cycling team and give them some shit/sell them some shit at wholesale.

I actually have no photos of my first bike (CAAD 5 R3000, broke the frame), but it was warranted with a CAAD 7.

I do not want to talk about the stem.  Or, really, any of the positioning items.  This photo is from 2004.