Commute Communique – Sept 9, 2011

Miiiight have been one of the best commuting days ever.

Stage A

– Stem on the cross bike is now FULLY SLAMMED.  Photos coming, once I cut the steerer tube.

– Rode behind a cute woman on a Surly Long Haul Trucker on 108.  She had pannier mounts.

– Had no coffee at the house, so I rode through Durham (Because it’s Friday morning) and got an espresso at BNG.  Drank it standing up.  Got excited.

– I got waved at by a hot chick in a silver Honda Fit.

Stage B

– Rode down Watson road.  Discovered some trails.  Rode down the trails.  They dead-ended at a swamp.  While riding, I caught my two-year old shorts on a branch and ripped them:


– Two miles later, rescued an ornery snapping turtle out of the middle of Watson Road.  Prodding him with my frame pump wasn’t working.  I took my wheel off, put it in front of him, he crawled on it as he came to attack me, and then I ran with my turtle platter and dumped him in the woods.

– I took the Rockingham Recreation Trail from Newfields to Newmarket.  Began devising plans for a Seacoast NH Rhonde.

– Met Collin in Newmarket.  He gave me some new shorts/Keough power:

After donning these shorts I won EVERY SPRINT EVER.

– Collin took me on some trails in Newmarket/Durham that are not designed for cross bikes.  We rode them for about an hour and a half.  I fell in love with my cross bike (again), because it can do ANYTHING.  Further devising of plans for a Seacoast NH Rhonde.

– Oddly enough, the trails are known as the Sweet Trails (link is a .pdf of trail brochure and map).

That is all.  Pretty solid commute.