Podium Cafe Interview

I spent some time on the phone with Jen from Podium Cafe.  We talked about riding bicycles on route 100 for 200 miles.  Go figure.  I eventually started rambling about riding in the winter.

I did not come across as charming, funny or sexy as I am in real life.  Which is really unfortunate.  Because I am all of those things.  FOR SURE.

The interview is here.  You can go there and read it, or not.  WHATEVER.  I DON’T CARE.

Florida Again Found Most Dangerous Place for Pedestrians – NYTimes.com

We all know this, but FLORIDA SUCKS.

“So much of Florida has been built up so quickly in that era of the automobile-oriented design; it’s this sort of the boomer phenomenon,” said David Goldberg…

Tom Vanderbilt talks about Florida’s road design in Traffic quite a bit.  And if you haven’t read that book, you should.

(via Florida Again Found Most Dangerous Place for Pedestrians – NYTimes.com.)

Hey there.

It’s Ryan.  I decided it’d be fun to erase my blog the other day.  Whoops.

I have no plans to bring back all of that old stuff, because the Internet doesn’t really need everything I’ve written since 2006.  Sorry.

Items of interest will return, though.