Yes, anger!

I read this piece by Jens exactly in his voice.  He writes so excitedly!  And with so many exclamation points!  Yes, exclamation points!

But then, to my total disbelief a middle-aged guy just tackles the kid like a defensive back in the Super Bowl! And then, while the poor kid tries to regain his balance, the man grabs the bottle and starts putting it away. I watched this and kept on riding, but I was just steaming in disappointment and anger—yes, anger!

(via Jens Voigt Gives a Gift on Alpe d’Huez | Hardly Serious with Jens Voigt | h/t to Ryan White)


I recently included this in an email for work:

I also hope that someone has seen How I Met Your Mother, season 7, episode 11, in which the Barney says the following:


Barney: You know how I got a guy for everything? Well they’re all in New York –my suit guy, my shoe guy, my ticket guy, my club guy. And if I don’t have a guy for something then I have a guy guy that can get me a guy. And oddly enough, his name is Guy.


A Christmas Message From America’s Rich | | Rolling Stone

I fucking love Matt Taibbi.  Read this.

But citizens of the stateless archipelago where people like Schwarzman live spend millions a year lobbying and donating to political campaigns so that they can jump the line. They don’t need to make sure the government is fulfilling its customer-service obligations, because they buy special access to the government, and get the special service and the metaphorical comped bottle of VIP-room Cristal afforded to select customers.

via A Christmas Message From America’s Rich | | Rolling Stone.