This is a good remix

This is a good remix of an already great song.

Here’s a link to it in case Spotify decides to nuke it:

And in case that link dies, the name of the song is “Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It – Sem Thomasson Remix”, by Stars, so that maybe in five years when I come across this post again I can attempt to listen to it on whatever platform I’m giving money to for the right to listen to (not own) music.

PLEASE NOTE that I had to type the song title out because when I viewed the details in Spotify, it did not allow me to select the text.

If you can’t tell, I’m uncomfortable with the fact that everything digital can easily go up in a puff of smoke from a botched server migration (or whatever it was that really happened…blaming something on a “botched server migration”? Sounds more like “Can we turn off the infrastructure that handles this crap please because we don’t want to pay someone to manage it”). Oh, and in case that link dies here’s a goddamn PDF of the story. Yes I am an archivist now.

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