You guys can’t see the numbers but they’re…really bad numbers

Because the weather is shit and my legs are shit and I want to un-shit them before I race Sunday, I’ve ridden the trainer at work for the last two days. I did this a lot over the winter, too.

Anyway, it wasn’t until today that I realized the trainer is pretty quiet (compared to the general din of the fitness center TVs blaring HGTV show designed to trick people into buying homes to keep their advertisers in business why yes this is a tin foil hat), so when I am flogging myself during some interval, sweating all over the fucking place and trying to pull in air through my big dumb mouth, people probably just think “damn, that guy sure looks like he’s dying but he’s just…pedaling a bike…inside…okay”

3 thoughts on “You guys can’t see the numbers but they’re…really bad numbers”

  1. “His legs aren’t even turning that fast, I thought if you worked that hard your legs would go faster”

  2. You cranky old bastard, I once had this kid who worked for me who wasn’t the fastest or smartest guy around, but no one loved riding their bike more purely for the sake of riding. He died last year, but a vid of the trails he built in Dover are still here, and so are we! Dialed 603 trails spring 2009 YouTube, Chin up

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