A stupid thing that Excel was doing and how I fixed it.

You probably don’t want to read this. But it’s here, on the off-chance that I forget how to fix it and some day stumble across the solution on my own blog.

I use Excel all day, every day, 24/7, because that is how businesses run.

Anyway, when I work from home it is real crashy. I thought it had to do with VPNs, but after reading the Internet and trying things, I discovered IT WAS NOT related to VPNs. It was related to monitors, or rather, the lack of my external monitor (please note this was not discovered in error logs, just by a lucky guess).

When I opened up the VBA editor on just my MacBook, the VBA editor would have a bunch of title bars and things off-screen. At work I have the VBA editor on my external monitor, and Excel itself on my MBP display. When the VBA editor went from big-ass monitor to not big-ass laptop display, it got funky with placement of title bars and windows and such.

Once in the VBA editor, I’d try to move things, or just try to deal with it and start writing things. After a few minutes, it would always crash with this error report:

Microsoft Error Reporting log version: 2.0
Error Signature:
Date/Time: 2013-12-06 16:41:17 +0000
Application Name: Microsoft Excel
Application Bundle ID: com.microsoft.Excel
Application Signature: XCEL
Application Version:
Crashed Module Name: libobjc.A.dylib
Crashed Module Version: unknown
Crashed Module Offset: 0x00006d4b
Blame Module Name: MicrosoftComponentPlugin
Blame Module Version:
Blame Module Offset: 0x00045370
Application LCID: 1033
Extra app info: Reg=en Loc=0x0409
Crashed thread: 0

SO. After some Googling and I had a feeling that it may have had to do with VBA being sad about the screen real estate. No one had this exact problem, but similar problems with Word.

I opened Excel, opened the VBA editor, and then quickly changed my screen resolution, which forced all VBA editor elements to actually be on-screen, instead of off in the ether.



5 thoughts on “A stupid thing that Excel was doing and how I fixed it.”

  1. I care, too, and was very glad to find your post.

    My deal was I had 2 worksheets open, 1 on my MBP monitor & 1 on my external screen, and was bouncing back-&-forth between them. I noticed the external screen would sometimes flicker rapidly 3-4 times when I would click on the MBP screen, but didn’t think much about it. And not until today did Excel decide to crash…like 6 times within an hour…SO frustrating!

    But then the clouds parted, I found your post, wised-up, & moved my 2 worksheets both onto my external monitor….and voila…no more crashes.

    Thank you for solving my headache!

  2. Wow, thanks man!

    I tried a bunch of random fixes — deleting preferences, repairing the disk, fixing fonts, reinstalling excel…

    I was seriously considering reinstalling my operating system because I just need VBA to work that badly.

    I also have two worksheets split between my monitor and an external screen. Ugh!

    Thanks man!

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