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Yes, #palbike is a go!

#palbike is a go. @ahubbe @chas_f

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More on that later (as in tomorrow).

Anywho, I currently own the following things and would like to exchange them with you for money! If you’re thinking of building up a Di2 bike (with internal routing) this could be your lucky day.

  • 110mm Cannondale C1 stem – $20
  • Cannondale C1 seatpost (27.2 x 250mm) – $25
  • Di2 battery mount (SM-BMR1, short). Seen here (top of the picture). Basically the battery mount used if you have a frame set up for Di2 internal routing. – $50
  • Di2 internal junction box (SM-JC41). This guy. – $15
  • E-Tube wire (EW-SD50) – 1000mm and 700mm. I also have the doodads that you put around the wire to make it easier to run through your frame. – $15 each
  • Ultegra front derailleur (regular, non-robotic). 6700. Bolt-on. BRAND FRIGGIN’ NEW. – $25

Now, for things that are sort of broken.

  • SOLD. Rear Shimano Dura-Ace 7850 wheel (here). The rim is WRECKED. The hub is still GREAT. It does not come with a skewer. Maybe you can use the hub and build it up into something neat? I don’t know. Basically you’re buying a sweet hub, for little money. – $20
  • SOLD. 6770 right shifter. It is sad. The primary issue is that the part on the shifter body that holds in the axle (I guess you’d call it that?) that the brake lever pivots around is broken. What that means is that the brake lever sometimes pops out…so that’s a problem. If you’re a smart person, I bet you could fix this with some epoxy. ASIDE FROM THAT, it shifts JUST FINE. Everything else about it functions nicely. Another problem is that it has a bunch of road paint from Cabot St. in Beverly, MA on it. Here are some photos. – $50IMG_2584 IMG_2585
    Yes, our table is friggin sweet. We got it on clearance at Anthropologie. Most ladies who have seen it have had excitements in their bathing suit areas.

Those are the things I have for sale. If you want to buy any of them, email me (ryantkelly at gmail dot com), tweet a thing to me (@ryantkelly), see me at Salem tomorrow night, or just tweet about 32X enough times and it will show up in my saved search.

If you’re not a person I see regularly, I can ship, and we can figure that out. All money goes into paying for entry fees or purchasing a roof for my house.

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