The Exeter Classic

Hey, the Exeter Classic is a bike race! You should register for it!

You may notice that it’s the “Metallic Poutine Exeter Classic”. You may also recall that Metallic Poutine is my business where I sell headset bearing covers and tshirts.

This means that I’m the title sponsor, hooray!

The reason for this is that Ed Spuler, the promoter and my LONG-TIME FRIEND, sent out an email in late May that said “Oh, crap you guys, the sponsors we had lined up have bailed, and the race might not happen.” So then there was some talking, and I realized “Oh hey I have a business that could sponsor this, so maybe I can sell a lot more bearing covers and tshirts (seriously buy a tshirt)?”

So not only am I excited because I’m sponsoring a bike race, but the Exeter Classic has been a pretty important race in my bike racing life. I’ve volunteered at it every year since I knew it existed (2004) – except for last year when I was busy getting married – and it was the first Pro/1/2/3 race I ever did. I remember lining up at that race (2005) and thinking “OMG I’M IN A PRO RACE!!!!!!!!”. I think I got dropped. Or I had some mechanical. Either way I didn’t finish. The memory of starting was clearly stronger than the memory of not finishing.

PLUS the race supports a scholarship for students on the UNH cycling team, which is where I went to college, so, again, yay. You may have heard me screaming on Twitter about how great collegiate cycling is. This is the TRUTH, thus why I’m helping support collegiate cyclists who may some day graduate and start using Twitter and join me in shouting obscenities on the Internet.

This is the plan for 2013. But 2014, the race needs a sponsor! So if you have some funds that you can justify throwing at a bike race – and all the adoration from cyclists that comes with that, the association with a healthy lifestyle and the positive financial impact the race brings to downtown Exeter – from either your business or your personal bank account, let me know (ryantkelly at gmail).

Also register, or volunteer.

2 thoughts on “The Exeter Classic”

  1. I NEED you to make a version of the slam that stem tshirt where you acknowledge the fact that the diagram of the frame/fork/headset/stem looks exactly like a motherfucking machine gun.

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