Lotus Notes OSX Alert

Lotus Notes OSX Alert (mp3)

You may have heard that I use Lotus Notes at work as an “email” “client” (both are in quotes because Lotus Notes is so fucking terrible I refuse to put it in the same category as Gmail, Postbox or Pine).

You may also have heard me bitching on Twitter about how long it took me to get a computer.

Well, I got a new computer (MacBook Pro), it has Lotus Notes, and the above-linked file is the alert that Lotus Notes plays when I get an email.

Please note that this is 2013, and I am not a character in a Carmen Sandiego game.

3 thoughts on “Lotus Notes OSX Alert”

  1. Hey Ryan, I found a plastic bag at the shop (Dover Cyclery)today that looks to be yours. Items include a Ted King coffee mug, a gift cert. to Exeter Cycles, a tube of something to cure a yeast infection, and some other shit. I can send it with Alan P. to the pond next weekend if your racing, otherwise we’ll hold it for you. rob

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