Story Time with @adammyerson

If you are a bike racer, the last few days have been weird. Today I just wanted to be held. Twitter has been real helpful.

Adam Myerson decided to tell a story tonight. I compiled it here so it’s easier to read. In “regular reading direction” below, not “Twitter reading direction”.

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  1. Was Justin doping back in the 90’s when he roared through the amateur ranks in NE and ended up at Saeco? When did it start? Any idea who taught him the game?

    While some are demoralized with the news of the last few weeks, I’m greatly enthused and want more to come out. The kids of today that will have the same temptation and need to know the code of silence doesn’t exist anymore. No testing system will influence the comeback of clean cycling more.

    Justin what’s the story?


  2. Sorry super bad of me, I just went into the Justin was guilty camp based on your statement he was a victim. I’m going to continue to assume he was spit out of the pro system because he didn’t play and until I hear otherwise. He was killing us during that time and I rather believe he did it clean. Although after being an ostrich on my other heroes for so long, perhaps that is just another “story”.


  3. My teenage son is a bike racer. I am grateful for these stories coming out. There are parallels in business and medicine, and the moral and ethical lessons are broader than just cycling. So my thanks to good coaches.

  4. LOVE how you made normal, regular reading direction and not Twitter reading direction and that the RT and Favorite, etc, links still work. App for that? Thanks to Adam, JW, and you, Exit 17.

  5. Dude you cannot subjectively describe *some* as “victims” and others “not”. You lose any foundation of proper meaning aka ‘it’s all relative’ or ‘I liked dude X so he was victim, but dude Y, I don’t like so he is a POS loser.” In the eyes of the Police…if you pound beers and DWI, your last name should not matter (except those damned mofo Kennedys) nor the color of your car; wrong is wrong is wrong is cheating is cheating is cheating. A little. A lot. Or some. Everyone is a wannabe Kardashian nowadays…tryin’ to become famous for being a ho, or doper or cause they got some video.

    Every E! Channel documentary shows a *star’s* beginning…buck teeth, braces, flat chest…then ‘hot’ with fake chest…money…fame….a record hit or a race won. Then at the 45 minute mark of the show….they always go to rehab. At the 50 minute mark they are crying. At the 55 minute mark they blame others, always it’s from a “bad childhood”. Then at the 59 minute mark they are hawkin’ a tell-all book or Abdominal Crunch Video.

    Cheaters come in all sports and shapes. Hell, personal lives, we will get burnt by liars more deeply than a politician or athlete. *Perspective*.

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