Things I am Digging.

Here are some things that I am currently (as of this week) digging. Perhaps you will like them, too? Or you won’t. I don’t care.

  • Sherlock Holmes (BBC, 1984) on Netflix – I really enjoyed the recent Sherlock (which you should watch – also on Netflix) and this is quite good. Mostly because it’s really calm and doesn’t have the “liquified remains” aspect of Bones or the “terrifying ickiness” of Law and Order.
  • Amoxicillin – Not really digging this by choice, but by the fact that I do not want Lyme disease. I really dig not having Lyme disease, so, due to the transitive property of things, I dig amoxicillin. I’m entering week three, and will be done with it on Friday. Most of my August has been shot due to not knowing I had Lyme until two weeks into being…uncomfortable…and then having no bicycle fitness after being off the bike for two weeks. So I’ll probably win Portsmouth. Yep.
  • Kefir – as a result of above, I’ve been downing kefir like my regimented pooping schedule depends on it (which it does). I’ve also been mixing in various jarred fruits that we made last year. Like the jar of peaches that we made out of peaches growing on an unloved tree in Dover. Not sure why we waited a year to eat them. Shut up.
  • Hiking – I hiked a bunch this weekend (by “a bunch”, I mean significantly more than I usually do, which is zero units), with my wife and the dogs. It very New Hampshirey. Mt. Kearsarge had a great view, and I felt like my beard convinced people I belong in the outdoors.

These are the things that I am currently digging.

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