Hello, Internet.

HI THERE INTERNET.  Considering my last post was May 26, I’m sure that most people have removed this from their blog reader or, if they are living in 2004 and don’t know what RSS is, have stopped checking it on a frequent basis.

Or, it still lives in their reader, like a hibernating, literate rodent, ready to fill their RSS feed with swears and references to poop.

So, what the fuck have I been doing that I haven’t had time to put words on the Internet at exit17.net?

Well, for one thing, I’ve been putting lots of words on the Internet at twitter.com.  Sometimes I even think before I write something, which is a sure sign of adulthood and becoming boring.

I’ve also been putting words on the Internet at at slamthatstem.com, and also decided to make a real business (like an adult) with Metallic Poutine, which is where you can currently buy Slam That Stem items…and in the future there will be more things.  Like armchairs made of dicks (side note – anyone know a good furniture maker, who will make an armchair of dicks?)

Continuing with the “adult” (non-porn) theme, I also bought a house with my then fiancee.  Then in June we got married.

So, yeah, adulthood – Hi, my name is Ryan, why didn’t anyone tell me that you can be awesome (having a house with a barn!) and annoying (but said house is infested with carpenter ants!).

These are some of the things that are going on in my life.  Um, how are you, Internet?  Perhaps we’ll hang out more on this exit17.net business.

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