Bicycle Riding Adventure Recap – 17 March 2012

Went to do Wells Ave with the rest of the MetLife – NorEast Team. Wells Ave was cancelled, so we rounded up other disappointed people and we did two laps(ish) of “Tuesday Night Worlds”.

Observations of riding in Boston suburbs vs. New Hampshire:

  • Family in a car drove by us, kids in back rolled the window down and yelled “THE ROAD IS FOR CARS”. Good luck raising your asshole kids, parents!
  • Rode by some little kids in a yard, playing, who waved at us and we waved back. At the same moment, a dude in a Highlander drove past us in the other direction, sunroof open, middle finger displayed for us (and the little kids.

Drivers are way nicer in New Hampshire. Boston can keep the nightlife, things to do and total asshole drivers. I like open, friendly roads and having nothing to do!

One thought on “Bicycle Riding Adventure Recap – 17 March 2012”

  1. As someone who commutes about 3000 miles a year by bike, I really couldn’t disagree more with your assessment of MA vs NH drivers. My current commute takes me to hollis NH from windham when I do the parknride (16 miles), and from haverhill, ma when I do the whole trip (27 miles). My previous job was from haverhill to north andover (12 miles). I’ve had more people buzz me, yell at me, and throw things at me riding though nh in the 18 months I’ve been at this job than the whole 5 years I worked in north andover. Before I worked in north andover I worked in nashua for 5 years a 20 mile commute. Before that, I worked in andover for 7 years, a 15 mile commute, and before that, downtown boston for a few years (20 mile commute). So as one who has been commuting by bike for over 25 years, 7 of which have been along a 16 mile stretch of rte 111, I feel qualified to comment on whether ma or nh has the biggest asshole drivers. Sure, I run into the occaisional asswipe in ma, but not nearly as often as nh.

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