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Woh, I needed a moment to breath after CXnats. The trip out to Wisconsin was a really great time…awesome host housing, epic tunes, hours of jokes, pit crew dance parties, grocery store adventures, trail rides through farm lands and quick sand, laundry and bike washes to infinity, champagne/coffee/mud covered van, victories small and large. This season was my favorite yet and this trip was the perfect way to end it.

According to USA Cycling I was predicted to get 34th place at Nats, according to I was going to get 45th. In the end I was 40th out of about 80 women and although thats fine, it really just leaves me feeling like I can’t wait to do better next year.

At the end of my first season in Elites I am super grateful…I have had so much encouragement and support through out the whole cross season from my family, friends and team. Thank you all so much.

I am posting this just because there’s a picture of me holding Sally’s bike.