Cross Nationals Update

Did you know that NECX is REALLY GOOD?

Because we are.  The Wilichoski CRUSHED the 35-39 race.  Dylan McNicholas CRUSHED the 30-34 race. Adam Myerson got third in the 40-44 race. Sally Annis DECMIATED the 35-39 race. Jesse Keough got 4th in the U23 race.

ALSO: Andrea Smith won the 30-34 race, with Crystal Anthony in second. Austin Vincent won the 15-16 race, Peter Goguen got second. Paul Curley won the 55-59 race.

So, yeah, good work everyone.

I’ve spent my time here hanging out and working in the pit – first for Sally on Friday, and then this morning for Curtis and later for Colin in the 30-34 race (he got 17th).  Tomorrow I’m pitting for Ben Coleman in the Collegiate D1 race, the MIT dudes in the D2 race, Sally in the Elite Women’s race and Colin in the Elite Men’s race.

The pit is going to be a NIGHTMARE in the races with big fields – it’s quite short, there’s only two pressure washers.  Stu Thorne is going to punch someone.

Other than pitting, I’ve been watching, yelling, updating the Internet via Twitter, and taking some videos with my iPhone.  Which are below.

Richard Fries had stopped announcing at the end of Colin’s race…then we told Richard that Colin was about to finish, and he turned the mic back on and got back to work.

Hell yeah, NECX.

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  1. Looks like fun but where are all of the spectators? Has anyone ever told you that you “scream a lot”? Anyway, post more clips.

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