It’s Almost Fancy Dude Time

I would like to thank everyone on the Internet who helped support me in the King Of The Road Challenge.  I appreciate this very much, and I will be sending out personalized ball photos shortly.

In addition to meeting my fundraising goal, my preparation for this ride has also included spending hours on Google Maps, figuring out the locations of all town lines on the route.  I will try to keep the Internet updated (via Twitter) during the ride tomorrow, though I managed to soak my iPhone on my ride in this morning, so my Internet prowess might be somewhat limited.

I’m also excited that the one and only Drew Szeliga is the MC for the post-ride festivities.  I am 100% assured a call up!

I think I may win one townline sprint.  That is if I’m able to catch Tim and Ted off-guard, though the army of sexy bikini-clad ladies that I’ve hired to stand on the side of the road throughout Seacoast NH should take care of that.

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