It’s Time To Drop Some Fancy Dudes

So I am doing ANOTHER charity bicycle ride.  Because I care about charity?  Or something?  Or I like doing bike rides.  Yes.  All of the above.

Regardless, it’s the King Challenge on October 15.  And it’s on all of the roads I live on and own.  And because it’s roads that I know and love (and own), I fully intend on smoking all the fancy boys at the bicycle ride in townline sprints.

Fancy boys include Ted King (obviously) and his teammate Timmy Duggan.

And I will smoke them on townlines.  Or, at the very least, I will try really hard and fail catastrophically and they will all laugh at me for being an idiot.

So, if you’d like to support a fantastic brain injury rehab center, you can do so here.

And I will do my best to beat fancy boys in townline sprints.

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