Sports Base Online Is Gone, So Is Your Money

Yeah, I know, I’m linking to VeloNews after complaining about their ads.


One of the western United States’ leading event registration companies, SportsBase Online, closed up shop over the weekend — leaving numerous promoters empty handed long after their events concluded.

SportsBase Online (SBO) issued a short statement apologizing to event promoters, but informing them that payment for the thousands of registrations the company has processed over the past few months would not happen.

My bolding.

So, apparently, Sports Base Online fell apart and is taking all of the money it owes promoters with it.  The article makes it sound like SBO pays out to promoters only after the event has closed – when I’ve worked with BikeReg, I’ve received payment for my event registration throughout the registration process.

This totally sucks for promoters.

I used Sports Base Online once, and it was horrible.  Anyone who is promoting a race and is not doing it through BikeReg is either uninformed, an idiot, hates their racers, or a combination of all three.

(via SBO shut down may leave race promotors empty handed.)

4 thoughts on “Sports Base Online Is Gone, So Is Your Money”

      1. They owe me money too. Dirk Cowley refuses to reply to any of my attempts to reach him. I am out my money, I hope he is out of a job.

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