Seriously, Velonews

So Velonews decided they wanted to make more money on their website, and to do so, they filled it WITH ADS.


That'll teach me to mouse over anything on the side of the site.

Even the BACKGROUND is an ad that you can click on. Any of the images on the right-hand side? If you mouse over them, they take over your screen and start playing ads.

This is really shitty. Poorly done, dudes. It’s been like this for a while, but today just pushed me over the edge.

One thought on “Seriously, Velonews”

  1. Velonews ought to be ashamed for that crap. “Yeah, let’s put up ads that instantly pop up over our articles anytime the mouse move to the right side of the screen. We’ll be rich!” Seems not unlike US banks imposing a $15/month fee if you don’t have 10k in the account. I’m no leftie, but the crap coming from business managers these days makes me want to ride out to Wall Street, ride, camp, and bust sheeit up.

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