Wait, There’s Other Wednesday Night Group Rides?

I’m not really grooving on the Exeter Weekly World Championship of Ultra Hard Riding lately.  Mostly because sometimes I don’t want to go wackie nunu hard.  And I’m riding my cross bike to/from work with some regularity.

ANYWAY, coworker DONALD (pictured below, when he took my phone and decided to play with this thing called “Twitter”):

Asked me if I wanted to do a bicycle ride out of European Auto in Rye.  SO I DID!

[iframe_loader src=http://app.strava.com/rides/1359376/embed/842dc39f9138408dad6dea7b5f82c62c06999d19 width=405 height=590]

AND IT WAS FUN.  It was about 20% easier than Exeter.  Which means that my vision didn’t get fuzzy, I was able to speak the entire time, I never felt like I was going to poop my pants, and I didn’t get really cold once the ride ended.

Wait.  Why do I do the Exeter ride with regularity?  When I list all of those things…it doesn’t sound that fun.

However, it was fun to be totally spun out in my 48×12 going up the beach, with a tail wind, at 35 mph.

So if you’re looking for a reasonably lively ride, this is a good alternative to sitting on the wheel of the Worlds Master TT champion.

And Curtis Bolvin was there, and his legs look REALLY GOOD.  We’re talking Roger-level sexiness, here.

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