Commute Communique – Aug 17, 2011

– Passed 35 cars in Office Park Traffic.

– Car passed me on 151 in Greenland. Screamed “FAGGOT” at me out the window. I waved. Got the finger. Continued to wave, smiled even more. All three occupants in the car gave me the finger. I won.

– Passed by a scooter on Spur Rd. Rode hard to get on it. Foot came out of pedal. No real loss, though, as the driver was not a cute chick.

10 thoughts on “Commute Communique – Aug 17, 2011”

  1. Man you are a legend now. Love the comment about the car full of psychics. Since they knew your gender preference maybe you should have caught up and gotten your winning lotto numbers.

  2. I commute 15 miles to work each way M-F. I haven’t had too much honking or yelling this year, but I will remember now to try the wave instead of the other option. At least for yelling. Still can’t avoid the “other option” when I get buzzed at 45 mph I have only one reaction. 🙂

    Loved your 200 on 100 vidlog. Kudos for keepin’ up with the pros. It was very inspirational. I’m headed to Wichita Falls, TX a week from Saturday for the Hotter n Hell 100. 12,000 riders for that one it’s pretty cool. It will be not quite getting run over by a “dumptruck of awesome”, but it close. We’re hoping to beat our record high for hh100 of 108 degrees (bank sign) + 115 degrees (asphalt temp).

    Anyhoo keep the rubber on the road – enjoy the sunny temps while they last!

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