Hey there.

It’s Ryan.  I decided it’d be fun to erase my blog the other day.  Whoops.

I have no plans to bring back all of that old stuff, because the Internet doesn’t really need everything I’ve written since 2006.  Sorry.

Items of interest will return, though.

7 thoughts on “Hey there.”

  1. The rules of collegiate cycling, most specifically, the GET IN THE VAN portion, were amongst your best work. So you might wanna bring them back. You know, for the kids.

  2. GET IN THE VAN was choice, as well as your race reports. Face full of Dragons, Jersey, etc. Those would be good. Perhaps a whole section dedicated to the dumptruckful of race reports you have.

  3. I think the Tour of Hilltowns race report from a couple years ago needs to find its way back. It’s a classic (and possibly the reason I started reading this website).

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