Math Can Prove Some Amazing Things 1

Ryan North (of Dinosaur Comics) is very awesome, and so is this blog post about FedEx, customer service, and proving that FedEx sucks using math.

Talkin’ Bout Bicycle Racing – Portsmouth Criterium 3

Talkin' Bout Bicycle Racing - Portsmouth Criterium
Whaaaaaat?!? A bicycle race report? Yep. They have been few and far between this year, because I got hit with a dumptruck full of adulthood and a Honda Civic full of Lyme Disease but hey, whatchu gonna do.

Balls, Wheels, Doping. • Its not about the bike 2

Pretty good (and long – check it out during lunch) read. Found it somewhere on Twitter earlier this morning – Balls, Wheels, Doping. • Its not about the bike. Sorry my blog is all about doping lately. Poop penis fuck shit balls fuck poop doodie internet gigs ram poop Sega. There. All better.

Levi Olsen outed in Cumberland University Dope scandal – more glorious than hookers and blow 4

I’ve said it before. If you are doping in collegiate cycling, man oh man you are a shit head. If you’re a COACH encouraging your collegiate riders to dope? You are the president and CEO of The Shithead Corporation of America. right so why the fugg does this matter ?   cuz it happened In captains ...

Story Time with @adammyerson 11

If you are a bike racer, the last few days have been weird. Today I just wanted to be held. Twitter has been real helpful. Adam Myerson decided to tell a story tonight. I compiled it here so it’s easier to read. In “regular reading direction” below, not “Twitter reading direction”.

Things I am Digging.

Here are some things that I am currently (as of this week) digging. Perhaps you will like them, too? Or you won’t. I don’t care. Sherlock Holmes (BBC, 1984) on Netflix – I really enjoyed the recent Sherlock (which you should watch – also on Netflix) and this is quite good. Mostly because it’s really calm and doesn’t ...

The Cheapest Generation – Derek Thompson and Jordan Weissmann – The Atlantic

The typical new car costs $30,000 and sits in a garage or parking spot for 23 hours a day. (source) We (by we, I mean Amanda and I, because I’m adult now, and thus boring and incapable of thinking of myself as an individual unit) have one car. And this is pretty much why – plus ...

Hello, Internet. 1

HI THERE INTERNET.  Considering my last post was May 26, I’m sure that most people have removed this from their blog reader or, if they are living in 2004 and don’t know what RSS is, have stopped checking it on a frequent basis. Or, it still lives in their reader, like a hibernating, literate rodent, ...

Riding Bicycles at 27 MPH Around Somerset County For Three Hours 2

You’re probably looking at this title and thinking “YEAH RYAN, WE GET IT. YOU THINK YOU’RE AWESOME FOR THE BICYCLE RIDING”.  Not true.  This race was quite difficult, and I am really glad that I’m good at writing macros in Excel and doing website things.

Report Regarding Bicycle Racing: The Bennington Tour Of Hidden Dragons 2

I’m still not clear where the dragons are, as none were seen, and we didn’t really tour anything.  ASIDE FROM THE PAIN CAVE (LOL PAIN CAVE JOKE). ANYWAY.