#palbike 2

Here is a more thorough idea of what’s been going on with me and my road bike in the last two weeks. At the Fidelity Investments Grand Prix of Beverly promoted by Twitter Paul With Kid Race Appearances By The MetLife – NorEast Team I decided to take an inside line on the start/finish along the ...

Things For Sale!

Things For Sale!
Yes, #palbike is a go! More on that later (as in tomorrow). Anywho, I currently own the following things and would like to exchange them with you for money! If you’re thinking of building up a Di2 bike (with internal routing) this could be your lucky day. 110mm Cannondale C1 stem – $20 Cannondale C1 ...

The Exeter Classic 1

Hey, the Exeter Classic is a bike race! You should register for it! You may notice that it’s the “Metallic Poutine Exeter Classic”. You may also recall that Metallic Poutine is my business where I sell headset bearing covers and tshirts. This means that I’m the title sponsor, hooray! The reason for this is that Ed ...


Sterling has always been a super race. Well supported, a good value, and race I’ve had decent results at. I’ve found myself in DA BREAK at this race several times, usually getting popped at some point. BUT THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT (will it?).

Saving The Vanishing Road Race 9

Road races are a dying species, and more and more keep falling off the calendar. The list of canceled road races gets longer: Wayne Elliot, Housatonic Hills, Lake Auburn. — Russ Campbell (@rusto88) April 24, 2013 Russ Campbell’s tweet got those of us who are sitting behind a desk talking on the Twitters. And maybe talking ...

Marblehead, AKA OH HEY BIKES.

I haven’t raced my bike since Mayor’s Cup. Since 2005 I’ve raced cross, but then 2012 was a busy year and I had to choose between “racing bikes” and “being a functional human being”. So it was a long time between bike races, and though one would expect me to be SUPER ABSURDLY EXCITED about ...

Lotus Notes OSX Alert 3

Lotus Notes OSX Alert
Lotus Notes OSX Alert (mp3) You may have heard that I use Lotus Notes at work as an “email” “client” (both are in quotes because Lotus Notes is so fucking terrible I refuse to put it in the same category as Gmail, Postbox or Pine). You may also have heard me bitching on Twitter about how ...

Food times 4

Food times
This weekend I planned on a bunch o’ bike riding, which included one day with Alex Cox and probably the Exeter ride on Sunday. GENERALLY, all of my bike riding energy comes from pre-ride french toast (or pancakes) and mid-ride Snickers bars (unless I’m racing then it’s…still Snickers bars, but sometimes Clif bars). But both cost ...

Sandy Hook’s Ride on Washington

Steve Weller and others are riding to DC in support of common sense gun safety legislation. You should check out the Facebook page for Sandy Hook’s Ride on Washington.

Training spreadsheet update!

So the training spreadsheet I use has been updated for 2013 by my man John Healy. Who none of you know. Get at it if you want to.