Heckling Report – Night Weasels (AKA Bog Weasels 10K Fun Run)

What is this, you say?  I thought Ryan was gonna race bikes until his face fell off, and now he’s heckling instead of racing?!?

Yeah.  Well, sometimes I make great plans to race my bike a shit ton, totally forgetting that I sometimes suck at a level that is unmanageable and I have to spend the day on the couch.  Also I hate mud, and I hate breaking my shit.

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UNH Cyclocross Training Race

It’s back, again! Info in blog form is here, the Facebook event is here, and a rundown is HERE:

“B” Race goes off promptly at 5:00 and lasts 30 minutes
“A” Race goes off promptly at 5:35 and lasts 45 minutes

The first race will be Wednesday September 14th, and follow for five weeks (that means races fall on September 14th, 21st, 28th, October 5th, 12th)

Races are only five bucks. Tell your friends.

Be prepared for complete domination by the crossresults.com New Hampshire chapter.

Hey there.

It’s Ryan.  I decided it’d be fun to erase my blog the other day.  Whoops.

I have no plans to bring back all of that old stuff, because the Internet doesn’t really need everything I’ve written since 2006.  Sorry.

Items of interest will return, though.